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Cancun Guide

Cancun is a tropical paradise located in the Mexican Caribbean, known for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and cherished vestiges of the mystic Mayan civilization. There are a variety of activities to enjoy in or near Cancun, like speedboat tours, swim with dolphins programs, sailing on catamarans, diving, snorkeling, water-skiing, deep-sea fishing, lobster dinners, biking, golf and tennis.

To experience Cancun´s ancestral and contemporary magic, you shouldn’t miss the legendary archaeological sites.

Cancun is approximately 16 miles long with the highest point of 200 feet above sea level. Along the 540-mile coastline, there are a high number of coral islands as well as the second largest reef barrier in the world. If you are searching for relaxation,peacefulness and some fun in the sun away from bustle, then Cancun is the ideal place for you.

Cancun Activities

For daytime aquatic sports, Cancun is the perfect spot as it is a snorkel and scuba diving paradise. The Lagoon enclosed by the island is ideal for sailing and water-skiing. Deep-sea fishing and diving are awesome activities carried out in the open sea, which stretch out in shades of light green to turquoise from the shoreline to the violet-blue horizon.

There is much to explore around Cancun from an adventure tour to the mysterious Mayan archaeological sites of Tulum, Coba, Chichen Itza or Uxmal. A catamaran ride to the nearby island of the women, Isla Mujeres or Cozumel and even Contoy are some of the many daytime Cancun activities for you to enjoy.

Enjoy a lobster dinner filled with romance, jazz and wine. Or perhaps you prefer more adrenaline, if so, how about riding your own two-person speed boat through the mangroves of Nichupte Lagoon and then stop for a snorkel adventure. If you are more into catamarans, there are also tours that will give you the opportunity to sail through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean up to Isla Mujeres such as our Isla Mujeres Pleasure adventure!

Cancún Info

Location: Península de Yucatán, México.

Country dialing code: +52.

Time zone: GMT - 6(GMT -5 a partir del primer domingo de abril al último domingo de octubre).

Electricity: 127 volts, 60hHz; conexión de dos pines planos.

Average January temp: 23.5°C (74°F).

Average July temp: 28°C (82°F).

Annual rainfall: 937mm (37 inches).

To think about honeymoon in Cancun is to think about real romance! Turquoise waters, sunsets, white sand and candles only invite us to fall deeply in love! Couples will enjoy exploring the ancient Mayan ruins on Cancun surrounding areas, swimming with dolphins, and strolling through the streets of Playa del Carmen.

Whatever your purpose for visiting Cancun, you can choose from a wide range of hotels. There are luxurious beachfront accommodations, “all-inclusive” resorts, and a lot more that are perfect for family vacations. Some of the downtown hotels, designed for business travelers and budget vacationers, offer comfortable rooms and moderate amenities, while the beachfront facilities in the Hotel Zone feature deluxe rooms, and a full range of dining, entertainment, activities and sports.

Cancun opens its Caribbean waters to everyone that desires to be part of nature inside an environment full of sunlight, green and blue colors, warmth, culture, water, music and much more.

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